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Praisetek Gospel Music Awards (PGMA) is an appreciative award which is aimed at appreciating and encouraging not only well known Gospel artistes but also the unknown for their good works in the society, spreading the gospel through music and dedicating their lives to Christ. Quite a number of Gospel artiste have been in the industry for many years and are being discouraged one way or the other either by not receiving recognition in the industry or by low album sales. By giving them an award, we hope to make them more visible, use that as a platform to encourage them, appreciate and celebrate them for their good works in the kingdom of God

It is a night that many will receive appreciative commendations of “Well done and keep up the good work in building God’s kingdom”

Praisetek Gospel Music Awards 2019
Date: 19th of October 2019

Goresbrook School
Cook Road
United Kingdom

For more information, please contact us on 0796 119 3137 / praisetek@hotmail.com

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PGMA 2019
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