Grace Balafonte

Awarding Gospel Artistes on their Excellent Performance
Grace Balafonte
Grace Balafonte is Ivorian native who has live in the United Kingdom
for quite a while now. Daughter of a pastoral couple, she has grown in the ways of The Lord.
She has been singing since a very young age, and very early in her life she understood the
importance of setting herself apart for the will of God. She recorded her first studio album in
2009 and it was a great success, however a few familial obligations forced her to take a break
from recording. She is currently recording her second studio album which is scheduled for
release in 2018. With over a decade of ministry and under her belt, Grace is pushing herself
beyond the French speaking community and reaching out to all other communities with her
gifts and talents.


Our Vision

  • - To preserve the gospel music industry against spirit of discouragement.
  • - Creating a venue for relaxation among the artistes in the diaspora.
  • - Building unity among the gospel musicians.
  • - Celebrating and recognising various talents, showcasing them to the world.
  • - To promote uk gospel music and provide a place for networking.
  • - Rewarding gospel artistes on their excellent performance without limitation.
  • - Providing education and mentoring schemes.
  • - Assisting artistes to generate more fans in order to prepare them for future awards.
  • - We believe every gospel artiste deserves equal opportunities without any votes before decision.
  • - We award multi-cultural people in the body of christ.