LadyCore aka CannarySinger

Awarding Gospel Artistes on their Excellent Performance
LadyCore aka CannarySinger

LadyCore aka CannarySinger, Songwriter, Producer, Rapper, Performer and Actress.Born and brought up in Nigeria until the age of 12 and then moved to the UK. This is where the passion for music started. At the age of 13, she got involved in several projectsset up by Round House Camden, Tribal Tree Music owned by Kevis Osborn and mush more… Due to personal circumstances that changed her emotional status, she found music as a remedee to find joy and peace at heart. This took he further to explore the rap scene where she successfully worked with several artists in London.Its didn’t stop there… Music took her even further involved with Churches and other christian events where she ministered through music after giving her life to the Lord. Her Talent and the passion for music has grown to showcase the powerful and soulful voice which is about to explode in the UK and worldwide.


Our Vision

  • - To preserve the gospel music industry against spirit of discouragement.
  • - Creating a venue for relaxation among the artistes in the diaspora.
  • - Building unity among the gospel musicians.
  • - Celebrating and recognising various talents, showcasing them to the world.
  • - To promote uk gospel music and provide a place for networking.
  • - Rewarding gospel artistes on their excellent performance without limitation.
  • - Providing education and mentoring schemes.
  • - Assisting artistes to generate more fans in order to prepare them for future awards.
  • - We believe every gospel artiste deserves equal opportunities without any votes before decision.
  • - We award multi-cultural people in the body of christ.