EMEM Archihong

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EMEM Archihong

EMEM Archihong  is a singer & songwriter from Bradford Singing for 16 years Loves God Loves music GtMA Award winner

“I am from a musical/academic family. My dad used to sing in choirs and competitions, all my siblings and my mum sing, my brother is in a band and plays several instruments. I have always had a passion for music and singing from a young age but with music being so competitive my parents thought it best that I write songs and sing them in my spare time while getting an education. I have always sang in events in my local area from the age of 14 onwards. Along the way i met producers who helped make backing music to some of my songs. I studied pharmacy at university and combined my training with my music by singing at university events. I met people at university and other events who helped me get in competitions where I met crucial contacts that eventually led to the recording of my first album produced by Leroy Johnson well known in the gospel music scene.”



“Most of the time, I don’t sit down and plan a song (though i often do), they come to me. Some of the lyrics while travelling on the bus or driving, i capture them on my phone or notebook. Others I hear in a dream and when i wake up i record the melody i remember on my phone and write lyrics later (this was the case with ‘untold story’ from my album ‘what is love?’ and the single ‘do you remember?’). The lyrics for ‘who am i?’ came to me after church one sunday (the preacher had said that God had given someone a song that sunday), I later used my keyboard to write the chords for the song’s melody. Also, as a worship leader in a big church since the age of 20, leading songs during worship had become a large aspect of the role. It brought additional inspiration.”





Our Vision

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