Awarding Gospel Artistes on their Excellent Performance

He is a UK based artist with a strong passion for God and a heart for young people. His music career started at the age of 15 where he was mentored by one of the pioneers of gospel hip-hop in the UK, the artist named GIFTED.

Marxman was taught how to write his own songs, encouraged to develop his own style and educated in how to use scripture as inspiration for his rhymes. He started off in a rap group that was put together by GIFTED called The Rap Acadics, with Rap holding the meaning ‘Reaching All People.’The group went around London to various churches, youth groups and events, talking to the young people wherever they could with words of encouragement. Marxman began his solo journey in 2005.

He continued to go wherever doors were opened to him, still carrying that desire to reach out to young people and showing them a better way of life away from gangs, drugs, alcoholism etc. Along the way he has partnered with other gospel artists to work on individual songs and projects with the aim of making sure the youth were reached and their voice was heard. Marxman is also the director for a Christian company that promotes gospel artists in the UK and Worldwide.

He aims to provide a platform where the various artists can reach out to a wider audience. This includes himself and he is now set to release his first single called ‘I Surrender’ which shares a short story about the life he came from. With a number of other music projects on the way there is no doubt you should keep a look out for all that is coming next


Our Vision

  • - To preserve the gospel music industry against spirit of discouragement.
  • - Creating a venue for relaxation among the artistes in the diaspora.
  • - Building unity among the gospel musicians.
  • - Celebrating and recognising various talents, showcasing them to the world.
  • - To promote uk gospel music and provide a place for networking.
  • - Rewarding gospel artistes on their excellent performance without limitation.
  • - Providing education and mentoring schemes.
  • - Assisting artistes to generate more fans in order to prepare them for future awards.
  • - We believe every gospel artiste deserves equal opportunities without any votes before decision.
  • - We award multi-cultural people in the body of christ.