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Awarding Gospel Artistes on their Excellent Performance
Rainbow Entertainment & Promotions

Rainbow was founded in Nov 2013.The CEO happens to be a Pastor,Musician,Community Choir Director,Student,father of 2 and a husband. I started organising events at an early of 14 in my church and community to raise funds for charity.

From there in the early 90s i continued and got involved in bigger projects working alongside big organisation in the community parks hosting various gospel prominent artists.In doing all this work I was also involved in musical projects,music recordings,church choir directorship and open air coordination. I never stops and when I arrived in UK in 2001 I became a choir member of a bigger choir in Birmingham and learnt a lot.In 2010 I hosted my first group from Swaziland and we toured 3 cities in UK just to promote them and also as a way of Vangelical.




In 2011 I founded a community choir with members from different countries and in 2012 I organised a community event in the park as a way to bring communities together. In 2013 a close friend of mine sat me down and began to speak words of wisdom after that I felt that it was time to luanch out in a professional capacity. My first concert was in July 2014 with Ps Derick Nzimande from SA,Frans Dlamini from Swaziland and Mathias Mhere from Zimbabwe.Followed by Omega Khunou from SA in August and Deborah Fraser from SA in December 2014.I did not stop there and this was the best ever concert I organised and felt that from then there was no turning back when I hosted one of the best gospel artist and multi award winming Solly Mahlangu in March 2015. I was a huge success.

After then I then hosted Omega Khunou and Neyi Zimu from SA in June and now I will be hosting 5 different artist from South Africa and Zimbabwe,Mathias Mhere,Jesse Priestly, Mkhululi Bhebhe, Lundi Tyamara and Deborah Fraser.All this I been able to do because of God’s grace,supporting wife and children, strong team behind,the friends and pastors and musicians who have stood with me and finally the fans who have always believed in us no matter what.We are humbled and honoured today.

God bless you





Our Vision

  • - To preserve the gospel music industry against spirit of discouragement.
  • - Creating a venue for relaxation among the artistes in the diaspora.
  • - Building unity among the gospel musicians.
  • - Celebrating and recognising various talents, showcasing them to the world.
  • - To promote uk gospel music and provide a place for networking.
  • - Rewarding gospel artistes on their excellent performance without limitation.
  • - Providing education and mentoring schemes.
  • - Assisting artistes to generate more fans in order to prepare them for future awards.
  • - We believe every gospel artiste deserves equal opportunities without any votes before decision.
  • - We award multi-cultural people in the body of christ.